Jio KBC Lottery 2019

Jio KBC Lottery 2019

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If you want to become Jio KBC Lottery Winner 2019, simply you have to get participate in Jio KBC Lucky Draw by calling to the Jio Head Office Number which is 0019188444454"

Do You Want To Become Jio KBC Lottery Winner 2019

All the Jio Users is required to do recharge your sim card to become Jio KBC  lottery winner 2019. All Jio sim card users will automatically be entered into Jio Lucky Draw to win the Jio 25 Lakh Lottery. The more recharge your sim card the more chances of winning.
Customers can also participate in Jio Lucky Draw by Call in Jio Head Office Number 0019188444454.  

How to Call on Jio KBC Lottery 2019 Head Office

  1. Jio Head Office Mumbai 0019188444454
  2. Jio Head Office Delhi 0019188444478
  3. Jio Head Office Kolkata 0019188444474
  4. Jio Head Office WhatsApp Number 0019188444454 

KBC Jio Lottery 2019

Are you a Jio KBC Lottery 2019 Winner?

Dear Jio Users are you a Jio KBC Lottery 2019 Winner and Getting a call or SMS from a whatsapp number with th logo of Jio KBC ( Kaun Banega Crorepati )? Befone you answer it, Please call us on Jio head office number 0019188444454. The excitement is understandable, but this message may be Fraud.

Jio Head Office Number 0019188444474.

Jio KBC Lottery 2019 Winner

Jio KBC Lottery Winner List 2019

Mr. Ghanshyam Davariya
Lottery Winner of 25,00,000
Mobile No;982****858
Location: Gujrat
Jio KBC Lottery 2019

Ms. Rashi Sharma
Mobile No:704****329
Lottery Amount 25,00,000
Location: Mumbai

Jio KBC Lucky Draw 2019
Mr. Nitin Sani
Mobile No:750****960
Winner of 25,00,000
Location: Kerla
Jio KBC Winner 2019

Mr. Janardhan Subhasrao Sonkamble
Winner of 25,00,000
Winner Mobile No:808****143
Location: Delhi
Jio KBC Winners List 2019

Mr. Gajanan Rambhau Devakar
Winner of 25,00,000
Mobile No:848****881
Location: Rajasthan
Jio Lottery Winners 2019
Mr. Wasim Ahamad
Mobile No:955****455
Lucky Winner of 25,00,000
Location: Andhra Pradesh
Jio Lucky Draw Winner 2019

Ms. Gurpeet Kaur
Mobile No:995****306
Lucky Draw Winner of 25,00,000
Location: Jammu and Kashmir
Jio KBC 25 Lakh Lottery
Ms. Saroj Sharma
Mobile No:800****449
Lottery Winner of 25,00,000
Location: Madhya Pradesh
Jio KBC Lucky Winner 2019
Mr. Harshit Kumar Verma
Mobile No:783****057
Lottery Winner 25,00,000
Location: Haryana
Jio Lucky Winner
Mr. Chinthapalli Srinivasa Rao
Winner of 25,00,000
Winner Mobile No: 961****192
Location: Assam
Jio Winner 2019

 Jio KBC Lottery 2019 Fraud Calls & SMS

 On Jio Lottery Head Office, we found that several such cases of Jio KBC Lottery fraud messages related to KBC has been reported by Jio KBC Lottery Lovers around the all India. The Jio KBC Lottery Head Office reported on may 06, that a Jio lottery fake call saying, "Congratulation, mein Jio KBC Lottery head office sy bol rha hun apky number par Jio KBC Lucky Draw sy 25 lakh ki lottery lagi hi."
Earlier, The KBC reported that a " KBC Jio lottery lover recevied a WhatsApp message from Pakistani number, which included Jio logo, a picture of Mr.Amitab Bhachan, and voice message. Mr. Rana Partab Singh play the message, which had the recording of a women saying in Hindi that he have won the lottery of 25 lakhs, and he should send adhar card bank account and his photo to the Jio Head office WhatsApp Number." 
Jio KBC Lottery 2019

Jio Lottery Winners 2019 List

Jio Lottery Winner 2019 - Jio Winner List 2019